Some Good Reads To Get You Started

The other day I was talking to a good friend about some of the books that I’ve read that have made the biggest impact on my life, in the arena of spirituality.  I’ve read, and listened to, so many of them… so it was a bit challenging to come up with the books that had the biggest effect on my life.

When compiling this list I thought about the books that I’ve referred to others that I received the most amount of positive feedback from.  I figured if the book added a lot of value to my life, and others that I know, then it should be on the top list.

When reading books, I also realized that I liked to listen to books while I was driving.  Sometimes I would get the information consumed a lot faster, and more consistent, while listening versus reading the physical book.  I would download audio books from Amazon, as well as  They are both great places to purchase audio books if that is something you’re interested in doing.

Book #1 – The Secret

The first book I would recommend reading is “The Secret”.  This book created a great baseline of how the world thesecretactually works.  It was also a hit movie/documentary, so if you’d rather watch it in that format you can do that as well.  The Secret was the first book that I read that started talking about the Law Of Attraction.

I had never heard that term before, at least I don’t recall hearing anyone ever use it.  Maybe I heard about it in science class way back in school, but probably not described with that exact term.  Once I learned that this was the most powerful law in the Universe, and it was the law that creates everything, I was all about finding out how it worked.

I’ve passed that book along to so many people who are starting their journey in the spiritual sense, and it is probably the book that has had the biggest impact on the most people I know.  I remember giving that book to a friend who owns a water restoration company in Lincoln Nebraska called company, and after reading the book his business doubled in sales that year.  He was blown away that by just applying some of the principles in the book, everything started to change.

Book #2 – Ask & It’s Given

The next book I would recommend is a book called “Ask & It’s Given” by Abraham Hicks.  This is the ultimate handbook for being a human being.  When I read this book I wondered why we weren’t taught this information growing up, because if we were all of our lives would be completely different.askanditsgiven

This book took what I learned in The Secret and expanded on it.  It defined the Law Of Attraction a lot more clearly, and also taught me exactly how to apply it day to day in my life.  There were very simple to understand, and implement, processes in the book.  I’m great at following directions, so I really enjoyed and loved the processes.

This book sometimes is a little to “deep” or “heady” for most, but if you keep an open mind it could truly change the way you look at life forever.  It’s a book I’ve gone back to read again, and reference back to for the great processes.  I really enjoyed not only reading this book, but listening to the audio version as well.

These are just 2 books that had a great deal of influence on my life.  I will be writing about more of the books on my list, but I would start with those if you haven’t read them yet.  I would love to hear your feedback after you’ve read them.  Reach out to me and contact me here on my website, I’d love to chat with you and talk more.

I’ll see you on the next post my friend!

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