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Welcome to my website!

I’m just a guy from the mid-west that likes to talk about all things leading edge.. the good old frontier.  I’ve always been interested in writing, and reading, throughout my school days.  Once I realized I could write my own content, I was fired up and excited!

When I was going through school I always would sit and daydream about what makes this world go around.  I was so intrigued with how everything worked, who we were, and how I could best leverage the laws of the Universe to create a happy life.

I stumbled on some good reading over the years that really helped to clarify a lot of my burning questions.  It became my passion and I had this undeniable thirst to keep learning and discovering.  I started consuming books and audios and a super high rate, just trying to get my hands on anything I could that would uncover answers to my questions.

As I learned what I was reading I would apply it to my own life, and got great results.  Then I started sharing my new found knowledge with some close friends, and they got great results.  That’s when I knew I was truly on to something.  From that point forward I continued to use the information for myself, and share it with others in my life.

Now I figured was a good time to come online and share it here on a website.  So here I am, here… sharing.

I look forward to connecting with you.  If you’d like to contact us, do that here.

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