4 Reasons Why A Homeowner May Prefer Synthetic Turf

Taking care of the lawn and a garden on the outside of a home can be a very time-consuming but also a rewarding task. Especially, when the garden is filled with beautiful flowers that complement the landscape and the exterior of the home. Because of all of the time that it takes to plant a garden and attend to it carefully, there is some time saving tips that people may want to know about today. One of which involves installing synthetic turf on the property. So, for those you who may be considering using artificial grass on your lawn, here are 3 great benefits.

1. Cost of Synthetic Turf/Artificial Grass Maintenance is Low

The cost of maintaining the lawn over the years can be very costly. This is especially true when the homeowner is adding up the cost of mowing the lawn and grooming it by a member of the family or a professional caretaker. Whatever the case or situation, the care of natural lawn can be very pricey too.

Fortunately, there is another option that homeowners may want to consider that will not only save time but also money. With this solution, the owner will have the opportunity to install artificial turf instead of continuing to manicure their natural lawn. With this alternative solution, no one in the family will need to mow the lawn, keep it watered or provide any type of seeding. It is also important to note that the grass will no longer need to be fertilized. So, there can be a huge cost saving for those who make this choice.


2. Environmentally Friendly

For places like California and other areas of the U.S., artificial grass may not be a luxury but necessity. Since state experiences periods of drought, they are often told to conserve the water. Unfortunately, this does not only include the water that people drink, bathe in or washing their clothing. The conservation of water includes the neighbors providing water to their lawns.

To avoid these issues and contribute to a much better solution for the home, some people are installing synthetic turf to address these concerns. Specifically, because it addresses the water problems that’s occurring in these areas.

3. Great for All Season Purposes

Some people may think that artificial grass will only last a season. Specifically, when it is summer time. However, this is not true because manufacturers are making this synthetic product to last through many hardships and bad weather, including rain, snow, and other harsh weather. As a result, the lawn around the home will look perfectly groomed throughout the entire year.

#4. No more Unsightly Looking Brown Grass — Green Beautiful Grass Only

For those people that like the green looking rich grass texture, look and feel, this artificial turf is just what the professional landscaper may order. In fact, this turf will remain green year round. As a general rule, it is the perfect alternative for those who want to go rid of the brown grass when the summers are hot and scorch.

More Good Books To Read

I hope you added the other books I mentioned previously to your reading list.  They have provided great value to my life and many others that I personally know.  It’s important to constantly feed the brain with good information to keep your focus in the right direction.

Today I wanted to add a few more to the list.  I’m constantly reading or listening to something.  I’m always purchasing a new book from Amazon and adding it to my personal library.  A quote that always stuck with me is “Leaders are readers”.  It’s so true, look at any successful person and you’ll find that they usually are always reading something that adds value to their life.

Think & Grown Rich – It Will Change Your Life

The next book I wanted to share with you is “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  This book is a must read by thinkandgrowrichpicanyone that is looking to understand the laws of the Universe, and to effectively use them in their life.  Napoleon Hill interviewed many of the top minds in the world.  They were also some of the most successful business people in the world.  He then shared what he discovered about what they thought and what they believed in.

He interviewed Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and many other greats from our history.  Imagine being able to sit with Henry Ford or Andrew Carnegie and find out what their secret was to creating such a large fortune for themselves.  That’s exactly what it’s like when you read this book.  You get to hear what they’re doing differently than the average Joe and Mary.

This book was first published back in 1937 and sold over 20 million copies during the Great Depression.  Think & Grow Rich has gone on to sell over 70 million copies.  It’s looked at as the “big daddy” of personal development books.  This book has changed the way I look at everything.  Napoleon Hill was one of the first people to start talking about the power of thought and energy vibration.

Hill was looked at as very strange back when the book first published because hardly anyone was a believer in the philosophy that he spoke of.  He was looked at as more of a “kook” since the information was a little too far out there for the majority of people.  It amazes me that the same words he wrote so many years ago still pertains to today.  If you haven’t read this book yet, put it on the top of the list and get to reading it.  It will change your life!

The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schwartz

The next book that I want to suggest to you is “The Magic Of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz.  You just have to love the title of this book.  I believe that the majority of people in the world think way too small.  It’s probably because of our culture and how our society has been brought up.

This book really digs into how to expand your thinking and get yourself to think much bigger and larger.  If youmagicofthinkingbig believe that what you think creates what shows up in your life, why not think big?  We have total choice of what we think, why not think bigger for ourselves.  David Schwartz gives a very simple explanation on how to apply this to your own life.

After reading Think & Grow Rich, if you buy into the philosophy that your thoughts create your life, then the concepts in The Magic Of Thinking Big will give you the tools you need to create the life of your desire.  You’ll be able to create a life of happiness, prosperity, love and all of the other things that you desire to have in your lifetime.

A gave this book to a buddy who was trying to figure out where to go in his life.  Not soon after he created http://www.mvlimo.com, a limo company, and has built a great successful business for himself.  He said without reading this book it would have never happened because he was very limited previously in his thinking.  The book helped him to expand his mindset and have a much broader thinking for what he wanted for himself.

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Hello Everyone… And Welcome!

hellothereHello and welcome to my website!

I’m so glad you’re here.  I’ve been wanting to put together this website for quite some time now, and the day has finally come for me to launch this baby!

I never realized what goes into a launching a website.  There was a bit of planning involved to get all my ducks in a row, but here I am… writing and publishing to the world wide web :)

I’ve been passionate since I can remember about what makes this world spin.  What makes time tick?  What makes us move through life the way we do?  Why are we here?  And so many other questions that have to do with our existence and the way the world “works”.

I started really diving into the research and discovery mode of things when I was about 21 years old.  I had always been curious, but never knew what to do about it.  I just usually sat around and thought about things, but when I was 21 I had an experience in my life that changed the direction of everything.

I had lost my father when I was very young.  I took that loss very hard since my dad was very involved in my life.  Many years had passed, and I always wondered about “where” he went and if he was still “here” in some format.  One day when I was visiting my fathers grave, I had an experience that answered just that for me.

I was just sitting at his grave, alone and talking to him.  I had wondered if he heard me when I would talk.  This day was different.  I was a bit upset and frustrated with the way my life was going, and I told my father that I needed some guidance, but that I needed to know that he was listening.

I asked for a sign to let me know he was present.  I always seen that in the movies so I figured what the heck, let me give it a shot… what did I have to lose?  Immediately after asking for a sign, I got a very apparent sign that my father was there with me.  It was one of the most amazing feelings that I’ve ever felt after realizing he was there with me.  I’ve never felt that kind of rush of energy come over me.  It was truly one of the best moments of my life.

That experience that day made me realize that there is something much more going on here than I can explain, and I started to read and consume anything I could get my hands on that had to do with the spiritual sense of life.. and my journey began.

On this site I will be sharing a lot more information about what I’ve discovered, and how it’s helped me in my life.. in hopes that I may help someone out there, just like it did me and many others that are close to me.  So I wish you well today, and I look forward to having you read more of my writings.